If you’re between 18 and 29 years of age, you live in Brussels, you’re looking for work and your highest qualification is the C.E.S.S. (certificate of secondary education), you could have some great surprises coming your way.
Does the field of event logistics appeal to you ?
Are you resourceful and keen to learn ?
Rock the City presents « Rock Your Job »
une formation d’un an destinée à t’initier aux filons de la logistique événementielle.
Every year, a total of eight young people pass through our trainers’ hands and hone their skills in our events workshop.
Armed with a new set of skills, our apprentices are then sent out into the working world, guided by our job coach, who prepares them actively for their search for work.
For eligibility requirements and other administrative details, feel free to contact our Rock Your Job manager.
Ali Keurti
Rock Your Job Manager
02/412 71 43
Nassim Paton